10 Steps to Moving Your Site to A New Domain

Shift your website to new Domain with ten tips

You can shift your website to new and fresh domain with these ten tips, here are these tips:

  1. Be ready for the worse thing happens

    You have to make a complete backup of your website and make sure that you have reach to your e-mail admin account, content management system, administrator and user and password to your hosting account. You must take a snapshot of your website configured pages on your CMS and your hosting provider, and analyze the customer support process.

  2. Point fresh and new URL to old website

    You have to point the freshly developed URL and point to the already existing content of the old website.

  3. Update URLs

    When you set the new URL to the old website content, you have to use the plugin to make update to all URLS to the new domain’s content. It is an easy way but you have to give access to your website via FTP.

  4. Test the widgets and Links

    After the shifting of all URLs in fresh website, you have to test required links and widgets or social media plugins to know whether they are working right or not.

  5. Propose the URL to Google

    When you make sure that your website is working well, then you have to send notification to Google about the change in URL.

  6. Redirect URLs

    Now it’s time to redirect the chief website URL to the fresh and new website, you can make a support call to done this redirection of pages.

  7. Make change or update in Google Analytics Profile

    Now you have to make a new Google account with new profile on Google Analytics just to get the idea whether your new domain get tracked or not.

  8. Check Your Email

    When these changes have been made, you have to check the email settings and email provider to check and shift the changes manually according to new domain.

  9. Update Links to Your Site

    You must update all your links on your website, blogs, social sites, profiles etc.

  10. Tell Your Customers

    When all the changes has been done, now it’s time to tell all your customers, fans and followers with the help of announcements via social sites and blogs as well as your monthly newsletter.

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