7 Questions That Need Answers Before Hiring a Brochure Designer

Brochure is a great marketing medium for all types of businesses and should be utilized by companies to promote their products and services among the targeted offline audience. A brochure may seem like a small book, but designing it is not that easy. Color, graphics, text and placement of all these elements matter a lot. Therefore, you should hire a professional brochure designer for creating the perfect offline marketing tool. There are many brochure designers in the market and some of them may design a brochure at a very low cost, but price is not the only factor you should consider while hiring a designer. Here are the 7 questions you need to ask a brochure designer before hiring him.

# Ask him to speak about himself: The best way to know a designer and his work method is to ask him to say a few words about him. He will open up quickly and say the things that will help you understand his level of education and professionalism. For example, if a designers says that he holds a degree in graphic designing and wanted to pursue this career forever, it is wise to trust him than someone who failed miserably as a programmer and started designing brochures because “it is a simple work”.

# How many years in this business: Every year, new designing tools are launched by software development businesses and anyone can learn them to design a brochure. So, why does experience matter? Experience is crucial if you need flawless work. Anyone can know how designing tools work, but only a seasoned artist knows the perfect blend of colors, selects the right fonts and includes attractive graphics to create a visually beautiful marketing collateral.

# Do you have an office or work from home?: You should hire a designer who has an office, and not a freelancer. He may charge you more than freelancers, but you can be certain about a few things like genuine design and timely delivery. Freelancers often take the money, but fail to deliver on time. On the other hand, when someone has several brochure designers in his office, you can be sure that he won’t give you silly excuses.

# Can I see some previous work?: The best certificate of a designer’s prowess is his work. You should ask him to show his previous designs. See how he designed the brochures of his past clients. Did he follow any particular trend? Did you see the same designs before? A good designer does not follow any trend and designs each pamphlet differently to suit the brand image of the client.

# Can I see some testimonials: The artist may have promised that he will deliver your pamphlet within a week, but is he really capable enough to meet the deadline? He may talk softly with you now, but is he truly polite? You should read the testimonials to know the true character of the artist. If the past clients praises him for his skills and behavior, you can trust him as well.

# Do you provide printing service?: It is better to hire a designer who offers designing as well as printing services. A brochure needs to be printed for public distribution and thus, is wise to hire someone who can print the brochure as well. Since he will provide both designing and printing services, he may offer a combo deal and you will be able to save money.

# How much will you charge?: This is certainly one of the key questions, but your choice should not be determined by remuneration only. Experienced and famous designers always charge more than newbie freelancers, but their quality of work justifies the price they demand. After all, how can you expect that a man will help you make thousands of dollars, but charge only a few dollars for his service? Make sure he fits in your budget, but should not be the “cheapest designer” in the market.

If you ask these questions to expert brochure designers in India during meeting, different person will give you different answers. Select the one who provides satisfactory answers to all the aforementioned questions and let him create the perfect brochure for your organization. When you hire the right artist for your pamphlet design, he not only promotes your business through his design, but also boosts the value of your brand in the customers’ eyes.

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