77 Percent Of Online Health Seekers Start At Search Engine1

Pew study: 77% of online Health seekers start their search on search engines

There is so much discussion has been done on the truthfulness of health info online. There are number of people in US who prefer to search web for their health related question. And instead of make research on health sites, people has started to seek their health queries at search engines.

A study has been conducted under Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and showed that there are 72% of American web users used web for the sake of health information specifically in last year, 77% of such people says that they use Bing, Google and other health centered websites for that purpose.

Here is a chart which shows different sources which people has been used for searching health related question:online health


The percentage among youngster from 18-29 of age is higher than other who make search on health related information, it is almost 82%. This percentage is much more as compare to 73% of people who are 50 or above in age.

What about mobile?

As far as mobile search has concerned, study shows that 31% of mobile phone users like to search health related questions online.

The accuracy of information related to health has been a hot topic among doctors and web expertise over several years. Doctors’ advices people to less rely on Google information over health because it is not correct or misjudged by patients and they draw conclusions according to their own understanding.

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