Ahrefs Bids Farewell to Keyword Analysis But Introduces New Features For Backlinks

Ahrefs.com Bids: welcome to new features for Backlinks and Goodbye to keyword Analysis

Ahrefs were going to obey those implementations which has been cleared by Google, Ahrefs.com broke a news to their user on 11th Dec 2012 at their website that they will shut down their keyword analysis section of their tool because this section breaks the rules of Google terms and services and enlightening their decision to prolong the use of grated data.

The shutdown of keyword analysis section of their tool was not instant they gave chance to its users to use this tool till 11th January 2013 to analyze this tool. Ahrefs considered that their new move on not paying on grated data is to just enhance the features in the result of such information which they were showing, became unauthentic and old.

And now 11th of January has been passed away and this feature is no longer exists but with the shutdown of this feature, new feature takes existence.

This new tool got lots of changes. This new feature not only gives to pull in small pieces of text that environs a link on your website to get good understanding position but also chased ensemble with lots of other SEO backlinks analysis tools which are easily available on markets and they are making their own ranking metric named Ahrefs Domain Rank.ahref1


To fit this new feature in their tool they have developed a new section under Site explorer named Overview tab which is placed on the top of information which was visible previously before this update.ahref2


Their purpose is to expand the visibility of URL Rank,

Backlinks and Ahrefs Domain Rank on webpage, but also give the social overview on the same place. The reason behind it is to provide an easy outline of the social impact that this website has on internet. Ahrief has now expanded its contenders because of their offers of its users, which make them best tool providers for everyone.

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