ASO, what is that? Is it substituting over SEO?

This is an era of mobile networking. As the use of smartphones is growing, mobile apps, mobile marketing, mobile websites, and mobile optimization are the center of attention. There are around 83% of American own mobile phone and almost half of them use their phones once a day to get information which they are searching for at the moment according to net research. This thing boost the topic of mobile apps, so companies are developing new mobile apps and then optimizing those apps. As the people are more interested to use their phones than their desktops, is the apps search is more essential then that of conventional search?

ASO (app store optimization)

ASO is the abbreviation of app store optimization, it means just to optimize a mobile app which is developed by your company so that people can easily search out this app on mobile phone. The working of app optimization is same as optimization of search engines like Google. You have to manipulate your application so it crawled and get ranks from app store. At mobile world app store is like search engine like Google and your app is just like a website. This app store is also change its algorithm like search engines do such as Google, so make you capable to react.
There are around 600,000 apps available for iPhone and 400,000 apps for android. So this shows you need optimization with this bulk of apps to pop up at the first.

How to start with ASO

You want to reach at your audience than start with the business app.
Following are some tips and tools you can use to make your app an achiever one in the jungle of applications:

  • App Store Optimization Keyword Volume Estimator:this tool is one of the most famous tools among others when the question of app optimization is come. It is helpful to tell you how some specific terms and phrases are searched in app store so you can get an idea which keywords should be use in your title and description.
  • Google Analytics: Google analytics is a part of optimization of an app just to get a clear understanding about your apps user. If you want to track your visitors’ separate from desktop visitors, so Google analytics make this happens with visitors tab and make click on Mobile.
  • Flurry. This tool is tracking tool and help you to track those people who downloaded your app and other apps they are downloading.

Before going to optimize an app, you must have an app.

Is ASO going to be the New SEO?

ASO is quite a different thing as compare to SEO. The authentic question can be, will ASO get more boost and beat SEO someday in discussions and buzz grounds? Perhaps, Will it become more crucial than SEO? The answer will be no perhaps, because SEO is not all about the optimization of desktops but it also refers to optimization of mobile websites as well.

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