Google ReaderAlmost everybody knew that this will happen one day. July 1st 2013 is the date where the official death of Google Reader service has declared, means this service shut down officially. The reaction among people are quite different, some are in depressing mood while others are happily searching out alternatives. When you get login to your Google Analytics account the effect of this service has been gone.

Google has upgraded its app related to Maps for iPhone apps, which were actually released in the year 2012 in December.

The upgrade which has been made is having version 1.1 and this is available as free update in application store. The modifications include addition of new countries; addition of local icon for local venues and incorporation of your contacts.

Data is good to have for analyzing several things, but at times it not provide in its best way to analyze data. It is very true in terms when see how people make interaction with your site. But there is an advantage that you can take this data and show it on heat map which provide speedy and simple understanding about usage of website and how to improve these sites.

Heat Maps:

Heat maps give a view about the hot and cold places on your site where users click your website. If your website gets large number of clicks on page then it will turn in red color but if you get sign up which forms a button and gets few clicks then it will turn in blue color.

€60 million Media Fund but No to ‘Link Tax’, Google has made settlement with France

Google has made a deal with France. Well Google has evaded getting hit with a “link Tax” in France and approved to generate €60 million innovation Fund in Digital publishing, just significantly help French media to acclimatize the online age. This settlement has done in last week in France between Google Eric Schmidt and President Francois Hollande. This announcement has been released on Google’s blog which concluded the debate of several months over France plan. France wanted to charge Google for linking to French news content.

Americans are puzzled according to survey: How Facebook and Google make capital

A survey on behalf of Search Agency was conducted online in August 2012. The survey shows that there are large numbers of population in America who don’t recognize how Google and Fb generate capital. This survey was done with the sample of almost 2,000 adults.