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How to address a small duplicate content issue? by Matt Cutts

If you had to deal with short term duplicated content on a new site (perhaps publishing a story on two different URLs over one day), what would you do in order to avoid any penalty from a duplicate content filter?

So, I am assuming this white hat, high quality new publisher and you have short duplicate content that you really don’t wanna  have but there a shooting or something on breaking news, one thing you can really do is use rel=cananocal tags because even if you have multiple copies of a short story you will be dividing the page rank between those multiple stories.

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SEO tool Sistrix clearly documented the rise and falls of Google Updates

There are number of Google updates which can be viewed under search engine result pages but it is very difficult to know that what type of influence these updates are putting on your website, but now the good news is that Sistrix which is an SEO tool has make some developments to give worthy understanding about your website that how your site see change in search engine visibility subsequent the updates which are coming your way.

To get good understanding in the modification of search engine visibility in German market, this SEO tool has developed an interesting and new tool which helps website owners to view how their site is taking a fee to follow the updates, and viewing modification in visibility undoubtedly for every new update.

But sadly this tool only make modification in, release of this tool in other states is still under discussion. But it is true that this tool is such a relief package which will help the international brands which want to get place across several countries.

Google updates are arrange in a shape of timeline with particular dates has given for every release such as EMD, penguin, Google Panda etc search engine visibility is shown in easy way to understand with indicators which help you to show that whether or not your typed URL saw an enhanced or lessen in visibility as a result of update.

Those brand names or websites who are looking to get rank in German market. This tool really helps them to see the performance of their website and maybe help them to see where and why their site be pretentious with the updates which is relaesed by Google in industury, help you to point out any problem which your site is experiancing.

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The death of Google Reader service

Google ReaderAlmost everybody knew that this will happen one day. July 1st 2013 is the date where the official death of Google Reader service has declared, means this service shut down officially. The reaction among people are quite different, some are in depressing mood while others are happily searching out alternatives. When you get login to your Google Analytics account the effect of this service has been gone. Continue reading

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Google Maps Apps for iPhone upgraded: Addition of Local Icons, contacts and more countries

Google has upgraded its app related to Maps for iPhone apps, which were actually released in the year 2012 in December.

The upgrade which has been made is having version 1.1 and this is available as free update in application store. The modifications include addition of new countries; addition of local icon for local venues and incorporation of your contacts.

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