An announcement has been made by Microsoft that integration of Bing Ads with Windows 8.1 smart search has been made which will give more access and new format to Bing advertisers.

Windows 8.1 smart search permit its users to search web, devices, apps and cloud with single query. So the in return results are in single view. You can see below the search box attached into right side of windows 8.1.

bing ad1

SEO techniques get change with period of time and need. If you are still using the old traditional tips and methods for the optimization of your ecommerce websites than you have to learn the new tips and methods for optimizing your site. This post is going to discuss some new and good tips to make the performance of your ecommerce websites better.

Easy and user friendly navigation menu is very important to develop for website. It is another fact that every website have its own needs and requirements in this area but the basics or principles are same which is apply to make them easy and user friendly.


It is a rule that every website must have some site map. For your own convenience you have to sectioned the website and then examine which section is most important and then you have to add the essential items in major navigation.

Data is good to have for analyzing several things, but at times it not provide in its best way to analyze data. It is very true in terms when see how people make interaction with your site. But there is an advantage that you can take this data and show it on heat map which provide speedy and simple understanding about usage of website and how to improve these sites.

Heat Maps:

Heat maps give a view about the hot and cold places on your site where users click your website. If your website gets large number of clicks on page then it will turn in red color but if you get sign up which forms a button and gets few clicks then it will turn in blue color.

Help your SEO with Links in Press Releases

Links and SEO sometimes get off the track and it seems difficult to know what is working and what not. Marketers don’t want their links on spam-filled websites, directories are not always a good and acceptable option and at times links which lies in comments are not so important and appreciative, same is the case with Press releases. At times it looks that it will go to work but sometimes it looks not a worthy option.

Well-structured Video marketing campaign boost your business success

Every campaign for marketing has its own importance. Just like all other campaigns strong and well-structured video marketing strategy is a good way to expand your business awareness, brand name and your business website success. If you want to assess this campaign option for the promotion of your business, consider this information: