SEO techniques get change with period of time and need. If you are still using the old traditional tips and methods for the optimization of your ecommerce websites than you have to learn the new tips and methods for optimizing your site. This post is going to discuss some new and good tips to make the performance of your ecommerce websites better.

wrong aims seoSEO aims or goals campaign requires period of time to view the results. Despite its time taken ability there are number of procedures to measure SEO campaign achievement. But it is quite a sad aspect that there are number of website owner who follows wrong metrics which gives wrong decisions to complete the campaign.

If such wrong metrics are your focus of attention in your SEO campaign then you have to change it instantly.

Help your SEO with Links in Press Releases

Links and SEO sometimes get off the track and it seems difficult to know what is working and what not. Marketers don’t want their links on spam-filled websites, directories are not always a good and acceptable option and at times links which lies in comments are not so important and appreciative, same is the case with Press releases. At times it looks that it will go to work but sometimes it looks not a worthy option.

Americans are puzzled according to survey: How Facebook and Google make capital

A survey on behalf of Search Agency was conducted online in August 2012. The survey shows that there are large numbers of population in America who don’t recognize how Google and Fb generate capital. This survey was done with the sample of almost 2,000 adults.

Pew study: 77% of online Health seekers start their search on search engines

There is so much discussion has been done on the truthfulness of health info online. There are number of people in US who prefer to search web for their health related question. And instead of make research on health sites, people has started to seek their health queries at search engines.