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Why Facebook Ads Are More Productive

The day Facebook went public, Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire and so did they who had equity in Facebook’s stocks. The main reason for this was that everybody knew what’s coming next, Facebook was destined to be an adverting magnet and that’s exactly what it has become.

Facebook was the first major player in social networking website industry that tapped the potential of online marketing. The reason for such a huge success of Facebook ads is that it is more viable, feasible and economic than other conventional advertisement platforms. Let’s take a look at some of the points to understand why Facebook ads are more productive than its competitors.

  • Advertising on Facebook is more economic:

Even the simplest of ad commercials meant for television broadcasting are going to cost more than ten thousand dollars in production cost, if they are high end commercials then it’s very normal for them to touch the million dollar ceiling. Production costs, crew payments, actor’s payments and advertising rights, all of these can burn a hole in your pocket. Contrary to this, online marketing, especially Facebook ads, cost a nominal amount and can be even considered free if you design them by yourself.

  • Facebook has more audience and more reach.

There is no concrete way of knowing how many people watched an advertisement on television or how many people listened to it on a radio broadcast. There are some methods like TRP ratings, but they are never accurate and are sometimes these ratings are fabricated by broadcasters. Unlike this in Facebook ads you will get an exact head count of the number of people your advertisement was served to. Facebook ads go a step further and will also tell you how many people showed interest in your advertisement by giving you an exact click count. Another advantage is that all of this data is in real time, meaning that it is updated every second. You cannot get such real time data from other conventional advertising platforms, there you have to wait for the experts at broadcasting station to compile and format the data.

  • You decide who is your audience:

In the case of an advertisement being broadcasted on a television network or a radio channel, you don’t have the luxury to selectively categorize your audience. Your ad will be broadcasted to anyone and everyone who tunes in to that particular channel. If you are broadcasting your ad at primetime, this can make your costs blast through the roof. Plus you will never know whether your ad actually had an impact on the audiences or not. Facebook, however, has a completely different approach to this issue. It provides you with the option of selecting your audience on the basis of demographics, geographical location, country, time, hobbies, likes, activities, gender and many other secondary filters. This proves to be significantly economical to online marketers as now their ad impressions will not be wasted on people who may not have any genuine interest in the displayed advertisement. It is beneficial to the end audience too as now they get only those advertisements which may be of some commercial value to them.

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Matthew Anton is an expert in online marketing and has provided his valuable advice to many marketers who promote their products through Facebook ads.

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Social Media To Focus On In 2014

As we enter into the New Year, our focus on social media and the many benefits it has for business will continue and evolve. Companies who are looking to grow their business in 20140 will need to continue their focus on social media and the effects that it has in regards to maintenance and improvements of customer relationships and relevance and impact it has on SEO and SERP rankings.

social media 2014

social media 2014

As many social media sites offer free pages and accounts for businesses, SM is a cost-effective way to continue marketing your company in the New Year and therefore businesses and marketers need to focus on the now traditional social media sites and the evolving sites that are predicted to be more popular in the New Year. For businesses in 2014, here are the best social media sites to be on to help improve visibility.

Visual Social Media

2013 saw the rise in popularity of visual social media sites with Pinterest, Instagram and Vine becoming even more sociable. The reach of video social media such as Vine is vast, as it has the ability to become integrated with other sites, meaning that the creation of content by a company on Vine can then be shared on Facebook and Twitter allowing for better reach, visibility and popularity on all platforms.

In 2014, businesses should be prepared to focus on visual social media content and how to optimize it to increase awareness, SERPs, and web presence, all of which will help with the real increase of trade.


The reign of Facebook will no doubt continue throughout 2014, with businesses being able to easily increase awareness using this popular social media site. Those using the site will have to spend time researching the most dynamic ways to use it, and like with other networks, will need to begin to look at how to attract genuine customers rather than merely an increased number of page likes so as to have popularity on this platform mean increase in trade and sales as well as brand visibility.


Another social media ruler, Twitter is a beneficial platform for all industries as it allows businesses to target a wide audience of other businesses and consumers. With an improvement in the way that promoted tweets were viewed in 2013, businesses can now target audiences that aren’t following their Twitter account by appearing in their timeline allowing them a wider reach. As Twitter is now becoming a key way to find new stories and social trends, businesses should look into innovative ways to harness these to their advantage in 2014.


Users of Google’s own social media site Google+ have already seen the benefits of how it effects their SERPs rankings and therefore increase in site traffic, and this is a trend that is most likely to continue in 2014. Businesses who don’t currently have Google+ accounts for their employees and are not registered on Google Places should set about doing so immediately to help improve the visibility of their business in terms of search engines results pages and make use of the review and ratings feature that Google offers.

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By Beth Stubbings

Beth Stubbings thinks that businesses need to become more dynamic in the social media that they use to promote themselves in 2014. She would recommend Marketing By Web to companies who would like their social media managed by a professional experience company.

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7 Powerful Ways To Use Pinterest For Your SEO

Pinterest is undoubtedly the new kid on the social media block. It has become the fastest growing social media site, with 7 million news users having signed up since June. One of the reasons behind the success and popularity of Pinterest is its unique, innovative approach to content creation. Users are allowed to create and share interesting pictures and videos before ‘pinning’ them to their ‘boards’.

7 Powerful Ways To Use Pinterest For Your SEO

Most of the initial Pinterest users were hobbyists who pinned interesting images for fun, but if you own an online business, you should be doing everything to leverage the platform for traffic. With the rapid increase in Pinterest’s popularity, internet marketers have started using the social network to drive highly targeted traffic to their e-commerce sites and blogs. Pinterest’s unique approach makes it very easy to for small business owners to market their brad, drive product sales and most importantly boost their website’s SEO.

By using the right keywords and applying other SEO-friendly strategies on your pin board, Pinterest can significantly improve your site’s search engine rankings and drive highly targeted web traffic to your site. Below is a compilation of 8 simple yet powerful tips to use Pinterest to improve your website’s SEO.

1. Create an optimized profile:

As with most social networks, certain sections of your Pinterest page such as your username, byline, and about section are very visible to search engines and get picked often. Take advantage of this by either using your brand name or top keywords. Use Pinterest’s about section to clearly state who you are and what you do.

It is a 200 character space which you will do well to optimize with the relevant keyword to boost your visibility in search engine results. You will achieve even better results if you use the same description and keywords all your profile on other social media platforms.

2. Make sure your profile is visible:

This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes new user make on Pinterest and it can easily negate all your Pinterest marketing. Your Pinterest profile setting provides an option to hide your pin board from search engines. To avoid this pitfall, ensure that you turn this button off (should look grey)| in order to allow search engines to crawl your pin boards and hence get found by prospects.

3. Pinterest link building:

Pinterest is huge and its popularity is still increasing with millions of new users signing up every month. This means that it provides domain authority and link building capacity. The more pins you do on the site, the more visible your website will get which will in turn popularize and increase your domain name’s authority.

You can easily build relationships, make connections and increase your popularity on Pinterest by connecting with other users and bringing your pins to their attention. Adding other users using their @tags will increase chances of getting your content, complete with backlink to your site, repined. This will no doubt increase your website’s search engine rankings.

4. Use keyword rich captions:

Although you are only allowed to describe each pin using 500 characters, most people greatly underutilize the caption area. Unlike other users, avoid the temptation to place a full stop or period to get around Pinterest rules and instead take your time to come up with keyword rich descriptions and hash tags that can help improve not just your Pinterest search but your general SEO.

5. Use the ‘Pin It’ on your blog:

Shared content is known to play an important role so why not take advantage of this by allowing visitors to share content on your website using the ‘Pin It’ button. The button lets users post photos and videos from you blog/site to their Pinterest profiles, ultimately sharing them with the rest of the world.

6. Connect all your social media profiles:

You can now connect your Facebook, twitter, and Google + accounts with Pinterest by adding them in the ‘Edit Profile’ section. Doing so will tell search engines that you have a strong social presence thereby increasing your credibility across multiple profiles. This has become even more important following Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update, which has made credibility and authority key determinants of a sites ranking

7. Keep pinning fresh content:

Pinning another user’s content is the easiest way to pin. While this is good for sociability and increasing content on you pin boards, it would stand you in good stead to go beyond Pinterest and create or seek out fresh, interesting content to keep your audience captivated. Not only will this position you as a valuable source and attract followers to your page, and with time, your blog.

Bottom line:

Pinterest is a fantastic platform that you can use to increase sales, build exposure and drive traffic back to your website. However, you need to understand the power of social media marketing, develop a strategy and execute it using the above tips before you can reap the site’s benefits.

Author Bio:

Cally Greene is a professional blogger and works with – Expert Attorneys Firm. She writes articles about Legal issues, Business law, Family Law and Social Media.

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Facebook Inks New Partnerships for Better Ad Targeting

Facebook Ad targeting: establishing new partnership

Facebook-ad-targetingExpansions are taking place; yes I am talking about well known social media site Facebook. Now Fb has made a new accord that is comparatively new custom audience targeting for ads in social network area. The tools related to custom audience which was presented in last September for businesses just to locate and target their current customers with the help of ads on Fb.

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Survey Shows Americans Confused By How Google

Americans are puzzled according to survey: How Facebook and Google make capital

A survey on behalf of Search Agency was conducted online in August 2012. The survey shows that there are large numbers of population in America who don’t recognize how Google and Fb generate capital. This survey was done with the sample of almost 2,000 adults.

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