Common Google+ Local Business Listing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Google+ Local is one of the best places to promote your business online. When you create a business page on G+ local not only your business gets listed on the Google Maps, but your company’s SERP ranking improves significantly. These days, people search for everything in social media sites and thus, it is crucial to have a corporate page on G+ Local. For example, when food lovers search for “Italian restaurants in New York”, Google+ provides them the details of several restaurants serving Italian dishes in that city. Thanks to G+ Local, if the customers search on Google directly, they get a list of restaurants with direction and other details immediately. If you have not listed your company in Google+ Local yet, you can hire a SEO company in India for the job and they will enlist the brand name on your behalf.


The search engine giant has some strict rules and regulations regarding Local listings and if you make any mistakes, then not only your page can get demoted, but it can be removed from G+ Local completely. Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Keyword stuffing: It happens when you put keywords in the fields that are not supposed to feature keywords. For instance, suppose your company name is “ABC Technologies”, but instead of writing just the company’s name you write “ABC Technologies, offering web design and web development solutions in Los Angels” as your brand name in the profile. All the words beyond “ABC Technologies” will be considered as keyword stuffing by Google. Unfortunately, even some of the seasoned SEO professionals make this mistake. Therefore, while hiring the professional SEO company, make sure that they are well versed in Local guidelines. When filling the category field, mention what your business is not what it does. For example, ABC Technologies is “IT solutions”, not “web design and development company”.

Inconsistency in information: Google relies on directory websites and public information to check whether your business is genuine or not. Google wants to provide authentic information to users because Local is all about accuracy. It is of no use if someone searches for Hospitals in LA and the SERP shows him hospitals located in San Francisco. Therefore, you must provide the same address in every business directory, otherwise Google will smell something fishy. For example, if you have posted “25 Times Square” in one directory and in the G+ Local page “Times Square. Building number 25”, Google can eliminate your information.

Using 1800 number: In order to verify the location of a company one of the primary things that Google check is the area code provided in your phone number. So, if you give an 1800 number as your contact number, the search engine giant won’t be able to verify your address. Therefore, use a number that displays the area code and make sure that it is posted across all the other business directories.

Not adding pictures and videos: It is very important to fill up all the details about your business. Address and phone number is necessary, but so are the pictures and videos about your business. There is no need to upload studio quality photos, but you should give some pictures to assure that web users that you have an establishment. The pictures can be complied as an animated slide-show and uploaded as well. You can include any picture that is relevant for the target audience. For example, an IT company can show the pictures of office and employees. A restaurant can show the interior decoration and a snap of the menu so that people can check the pricing of dishes.

Writing fake reviews: Never fill your corporate page with fake listings. If you try to do it, the search engine giant will detect the fraudulent behavior and penalize your page. In case customers are not writing reviews, you can encourage your most loyal clients to write a few good words about your business. You can also ask your employees to log-in using their own account and write some good reviews.

So, now you are aware of the most common mistakes. If you hire an SEO company in India for business listing in Google+, then they will take care of everything, but if you are planning to do it on your own, then don’t commit the aforementioned blunders.

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