Facebook Inks New Partnerships for Better Ad Targeting

Facebook Ad targeting: establishing new partnership

Facebook-ad-targetingExpansions are taking place; yes I am talking about well known social media site Facebook. Now Fb has made a new accord that is comparatively new custom audience targeting for ads in social network area. The tools related to custom audience which was presented in last September for businesses just to locate and target their current customers with the help of ads on Fb.

And now Fb informs the advertisers that those who are using BlueKai, Datalogix, Acxiom etc use such data in advertising legroom.

As said by Fb blog:

According to the Facebook Studio Blog:

Different businesses can do such things in 2 ways:

  • Those businesses who are already working with this selected 3rd party have an opportunity to use this information which have used other places as well to develop campaigns on Fb.
  • Businesses can work with these 3rd parties to develop pre-defined categories on Fb. Now businesses of almost all sizes can target categories such as burger eater or categories like that.

In last couple of months Fb advertising has been hit and miss, there are some businesses who realized these incredible results on the other hand some lose their effort as well as money. This struggle related to a mixture of advertiser inexperience, target restrictions and complicated products. It was considered that custom Audiences will help to resolve those problems and help those companies who are interested in Fb ads.

If we talk about the privacy of individual users, data is offered to marketers in such a way which don’t recognize single users in the target group.

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