Forum is the word, all of us must be familiar with. We are used to discuss things, share information, gain information, expose problems, derive opinions, get solutions, raise contacts and stay in touch with others through some plate-forms, Forums are the on top of list according to most of experts. So, Forum Posting is simply making written posts in Forums with an anchor link pointing to your website. You can back-link any of your Website Page (Home Page or other Web Pages) with any particular keyword, you are looking to get ranked on Search Engines.

Why to use this way of Link-building?

There are some very logical reasons:

  • First & foremost, Forum Commenting is the most appropriate White Hat SEO Technique. Recommended and declared ethical by leading Search Engines like Google and others.
  • No penalty fear as you must know thousands of websites has been penalized by Google in last few months because of unethical and black hat methods used by Webmasters.
  • Forums are the plate-forms that are crawled by Google most consistently. So, your back-links will be indexed in not time.
  • Not deliver you only back-links, you can earn customers as well if your back-links are placed in relevant forums at right place.
  • Google favor as you are doing things that are suggested by Google. So, the chances of getting rankings will be most probable thing.


Why to choose our services?

As thousands of other companies are providing the same things, how to select us make sense? There are some logical reasons

  • Relevant Forums Back-links: we spend reasonable amount of search time to search relevant forums through our designed queries as it is highly recommended by Search Engines to raise relevant back-links only.
  • Manual Work Only: We can’t let you to stand between websites that are penalized by Google because of automatic back-linking techniques. We are proud to tell, none of our website has been punished by Google only because of the fact that we are keep readers of Google and do what it want. So, each back-link is made manually as suggested by search engine.
  • Experience & Success: Our experience and success over the period of time, make us client’s best choice.
  • Economical at Quality: We are charging a price that is client’s friendly. If you get same quality and ethical work at lower price, to pay more does not make sense. As our experts have trimmed some Forum Links Packages that are not made to earn lots of beans but for encouraging you to use our service again as it’s our policy to raise long relations, not a single project.
  • Tips of making your Forums links permanent:We don’t believe in forgetting our clients, once the task has been accomplished. We always look for our client’s success. Our zeal of serving clients has extended to such limits that we will tell you ways you can make your back-links not only permanent but also be able to increase them yourself with ease.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Forum Links do?

As they are Google friendly Back-links, they not only increase you ranking but also provide you sales if relevant and at right place.

2.Are Forum Posting & Forum Link Building are two different Things?

No they are not. They are two different names of one thing.

3.Are Link Building & Forum Posting are two different Things?

Forum Posting is indeed a niche of Link Building. Link building is way of generating back-links either through Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Articles Submission, Directories Submission, Free Blogging, Web 2.0 Properties, Social Media, Social Book-marking, Link Wheel, Press Releases or many other ways. Forum Posting is way of generating back-links from Forums.

4.Is that way of linking is Safe and Search Engines Friendly?

Yes, it is. Search Engines value back-links from Forums and as we have mentioned earlier, Forum Links are the fastest back-links in term of getting indexed. Feel safe about Forum Posting

5.Is such back-links are permanent?

It must be moving in your mind. We will not only provide you such back-links which are permanent for sure but also tell you the way to increase them yourself with ease.

Forum Link Building Packages

We have designed some package, so that our valuable clients can pick them depending upon their budget and requirements.

  • No. of Anchor Links
  • No. of Forum Posts
  • No. of Forums
  • Posts per Forum
  • Manual Link Building
  • Relevant Forums
  • Tips to increase links yourself
  • Time of Delivery

Bronze Package Only $40
  • 50
  • 50
  • 10
  • 5
  • 4 days

Silver Package Only $75
  • 100
  • 100
  • 20
  • 5
  • 6 days

Platinum Package Only $190
  • 300
  • 300
  • 40
  • 8
  • 15 days

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