Free Password Recovery Applications You Need In Your Virtual Toolbox

While trying to access a file or a system, the last thing you would like to see on your screen is access denied or password/username wrong. Losing a password does not help your self esteem or security and safety approach and you might be wondering whether your accounts have been hacked into or not. Sometimes you might have genuinely forgotten the passwords and because you might have trusted your mind without saving the password elsewhere, the result could be failed logins. To avoid hitting a dead end and to return to your normal work, you can use applications for password recovery.

These tools are a must have in your virtual toolbox and will always be the free remedy you have always wanted in your PC. However, it is important to remember that these tools are for recovering your own passwords and sometimes helping out a desperate co-worker or friend and not to spy on other people’s machines. You can also forget all about password recovery applications completely if you encrypt your database to ensure your passwords have been tracked.



In case you have lost your Windows PC password, a perhaps in a PC you have not used in years, find an Ophcrack LiveCD and run it. The tool detects the number of users already set up in the Windows system revealing the passwords as well, especially if they are passwords simple to recover.

Nirsoft’s Asterisk Logger

If the password has been saved in IM client, FTP software and other applications with a password field completed using asterisks, you can reveal the password with ease using the Nirsoft’s Asterisk Logger. It shows what the combinations are behind the asterisks in most of the password field of the app.

PST Password

If you have locked in an old file or email archive with your jobs using a password and forgotten it, the PST Password tool can help. It is a free application that provides three potential passwords capable of opening the PST file.


In case you have forgotten your passwords for any of the instant messengers such as Pidgin, Miranda, Trillian, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, GTalk and MSN Messenger but already logged in, unearthing it is very easy using this tool.


This utility lets you see all the passwords a PC is sending across to log into a number of sites or services. The passwords will be captured as they pass across the network adapter where you will see them displayed. The tool shows passwords for HTTP, FTP, SMTP, IMAP4, and even POP3.


If you arrive in an environment with a Wi-Fi network and the password to access the network has been lost, the Wireless Key View tool will reveal all the Windows’ saved Wi-Fi passwords.


Mac Keychain

It is not easy to find a password cracker for a Mac system but Mac Keychain reveals lots of the passwords already saved in the Mac system. The Keychain is found in the Utilities or Applications folder. After you have entered the required admin password for Keychain entry, clicking any of the entries such as Wi-Fi networks or an application saved in the system reveals all the needed passwords.

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