Google: Joining brands to some search titles

Search results pages from Google has cunningly changing their shapes from previous few years like Google+, authorship etc but now industries and businesses has now took notice. Appearance of your company in search results is very much important because that will influence the amount of clicks which will receive.

And now the new update is on its way and that is once again Google is changing things. Some entries have showed on several SERPs among the name of company brand linked to them, first brand name, than colon and after that article title.

The Working of new “Brand name: Search Title”

This new look has been discovered a SEO blog post site which enlightened that the codes of these search pages are written the accurate general entry which you made. There is no addition of brand name, then colon and at the last place title. There is only title and at the end the company name.


There are number of cases in which brand or company given name is not added in the code, it is difficult to understand how this is taken place, on the other hand Google didn’t make any announcement yet. There are number of sites which are noticing this change and no one knows why this is going on.

One best guess is that the colon just replaces the pipes and hyphens to make clarity and continuity in things. But no one can be sure on this theory until Google make an announcement.

Is this mean to your business?

For now there is no impact has been seen due to new changes on rankings. There are numbers of discussions has been made which says that there are no negative impact on ranking.

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