Google Settles With France

€60 million Media Fund but No to ‘Link Tax’, Google has made settlement with France

Google has made a deal with France. Well Google has evaded getting hit with a “link Tax” in France and approved to generate €60 million innovation Fund in Digital publishing, just significantly help French media to acclimatize the online age. This settlement has done in last week in France between Google Eric Schmidt and President Francois Hollande. This announcement has been released on Google’s blog which concluded the debate of several months over France plan. France wanted to charge Google for linking to French news content.

Earlier when French law was projected, Google gave threats to France that Google will block linking to french newspaper sites, and said that newspaper publishing houses will miss 4 billion clicks every month, 1 billion from Google news as well.
Both parties met in the end of October and took a rigid stance. President of France clear his side by saying that he wants an agreement at the end of the year, this deadline took an extra month.

The 2nd section of this settlement according to Google is that, this settlement develops a good and strong partnership with French publishers and boosts their online profit by using our advertising technology.

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