Have wrong SEO aims?

wrong aims seoSEO aims or goals campaign requires period of time to view the results. Despite its time taken ability there are number of procedures to measure SEO campaign achievement. But it is quite a sad aspect that there are number of website owner who follows wrong metrics which gives wrong decisions to complete the campaign.

If such wrong metrics are your focus of attention in your SEO campaign then you have to change it instantly.

# Rank

It is very obvious that those websites who appears as no 1 in SERPs for particular keywords must get high click rate. But is very much difficult to climb up at no 1 at SERP and there are large number of websites who are unable to reach at this rank. Websites get quite a time to progress their position in search engines. But those websites who want to jump on 1st position with no time usually adopt wrong decisions and follows black hat policy which are quite intolerable for search engines. If this tactic helps you to improve your website position it is very obvious that it would be very shorter period of time when search engine catch it. Get rank is not the appropriate way to measure SEO campaign achievement as ranks do not stick on one position for all because it is modified base on aspects such as search history, social media involvement and links, or location.

# Number of links

Those links which are pointing to the websites are a section of algo and search engines utilize this information to decode the quality level of website. Link quantity is also a concern for SEO campaign at specific aspect, so you have to work out on links to get much more of them to make improvement to your SEO. Search engines grabs when you make tweaks or manipulate the algorithms. With the launch of Google Penguin update, link building put into practice are changed forever. Those websites which is having unnatural link profile quickly get penalized. The concerns are now switched from quantity to quality. Now on, link is not just a link, these links positioned tactically in a place which is appropriate to your slot and help you to produce traffic for your website.

# Broad keyword success

There are number of the website owners who are not aware how SEO works usually adopt keyword selection in a wrong way. What they usually do, they see the probable keyword list and follow those terms which produce much search volume; those keys which are broader. But they must understand that these broad terms are much more competitive. It may be take lots of time of SEO work to view every grip on these broad keyword terms. When you start SEO campaign it is very essential to target mix keywords.

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