How to create menus of user friendly navigation

Easy and user friendly navigation menu is very important to develop for website. It is another fact that every website have its own needs and requirements in this area but the basics or principles are same which is apply to make them easy and user friendly.


It is a rule that every website must have some site map. For your own convenience you have to sectioned the website and then examine which section is most important and then you have to add the essential items in major navigation.

Continuity is the need

When you down your major navigation, you have to make it internally constant all over the website. Your visitors should not find out paths to navigate and they should not learn again different section of your website.
Standard navigation practices must consider while you are doing it.

Give your user a know how where they are

You can achieve this with different ways. You can do so with simply modify the text color of present page, or give a underline. There are number of sites that modify the color of page’s background in navigation, it can be overstated but it is important to add. This thing will help your users to know where they are on this website.

Breadcrumb menu can be used if your content has been planted in a hierarchical way, so a user can get an idea about their place where they are on website.

Consider a fixed Menu

This menu is a fixed menu and when you go down on the web page this will hold at the top of the screen, which will allow you to entrée perpendicularly on page. But fixed menus at times can be irritating when it uses wrongly, when they are use in a direct way it is very helpful.

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