Keyword Research, which is neglected practice of SEO which absence results into failure of most of SEO Campaigns. Unfortunately, it is the most important part of SEO yet least implemented in most of cases. Right Keyword with appropriate competition and searches, is a first step of successful SEO Campaign.

Why it is important to select good Keywords?

Good keywords are essential because that will

  • Bring the right visitors to your website
  • Easy to be optimized in Search Engines
  • Generate more potential traffic for your website
  • Help your business to get popular for things you have competencies



Our Keyword Research services will provide you lots of such good keywords that are generated in light of the most appropriate tools and vast experience in this service. Our researchers has experience of many years and successfully providing these services to many clients.

Why is ranking tough without Effective Keyword Research?

Understandingly, most of webmasters know the keywords that they are looking to be optimized in Search Engines but unfortunately, most of such keywords are highly competitive because of highly authority websites in competition. One must need to know these things while selecting keywords:

  • Global & Local Searches Volume
  • Searches Trend
  • Volume of Competition for keywords
  • Strength of Competitive Sites (In term of Back-links, Age, Authority etc)



Keyword Research for which type of Businesses?

Our experienced Researchers has already conducted keyword research for diverse businesses, we have expertise in

  • Global Businesses
  • Local Businesses (For Countries, States, Cities and others)
  • Niche Businesses


Or any specific research you want to be conducted.

What will be included in Keyword Research Service?

We will provide you Keyword Research Report which will include the following things:

  • Sort Tail Keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Global & Local Monthly Searches of each Keyword
  • Competition of each keyword
  • Approximate Cost Per Click of each keyword
  • Searches trend
  • Keywords Current Ranking in Leading Search engines Like Google, Bing & Yahoo.
  • First Page against particular Keyword, information like Domain Age of Websites, Page Rank of Websites, Index Count of Websites, Page Back-links of Websites, Total Back-links of Websites, Edu/Gov Back-links of Websites, Keyword in title, Keyword in URL and Keyword in Description


Keyword Research Packages


You can chose any of package below depending upon your preference:

  • No. of Keywords
  • Keywords Competition
  • Global Searches
  • Local Searches
  • Searches Trend
  • Cost Per Click
  • Keywords Ranking
  • Recommended Keywords
  • Competition Analysis forRecommended Keywords
  • Time of Delivery in days

Bronze Package Only $20
  • 50
  • 10
  • 10
  • 2 days

Silver Package Only $30
  • 75
  • 20
  • 20
  • 2 days

Platinum Package Only $50
  • 150
  • 40
  • 40
  • 3 days

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