Links in Press Releases Can Help Your SEO

Help your SEO with Links in Press Releases

Links and SEO sometimes get off the track and it seems difficult to know what is working and what not. Marketers don’t want their links on spam-filled websites, directories are not always a good and acceptable option and at times links which lies in comments are not so important and appreciative, same is the case with Press releases. At times it looks that it will go to work but sometimes it looks not a worthy option.

Some proofs about links in Press Releases which helps SEO

In past people like to prefer and practice just to think that links in press release will give results. But the things had been changed because people got doubts on the tricks because of Matt Cutts love for tweets as he sent tweet on Christmas Day; he said that links in press release sites can give advantage to your ranking but when such tweets came out SEO spent their time to read its meaning and search out its truthfulness.

An experiment had conducted by SEO Consult, using the word SREPPLEASERS in press release and then link this word to Matts blog just to see the rankings. Here are some findings:

  • First: initially the anchor text SREPPLEASERS was went to the aimed URL, just to get ranked from that word. This thing will show that links are observed by the bots.
  • Second: the comment has been made from SEO consult that press release didn’t send at first because it was not relevant. This thing shows that links have some proper SEO advantages.
  • Third: with the help of press release you can Google anything and it were found on 42 to 43 several pages all around the web. This thing show that releases spread all over the web in no time.

Such solid findings are good enough to consider but it is essential to keep in mind that that gaining SEO advantages from press releases is not a good option.

Additional grounds about Press Releases to consider

Press releases are a good tool to give exposure to your brand and give important happenings, services or offers to press about your company. It is very simple to write down and distribute with good and strong public relation.

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