Making Pinterest Work for You

Pinterest will work for you, just effort a little

Pinterest a social media site launched in 2010 but it got huge popularity in United States. Overtly this visual social tool looks less helping in brand building and marketing but the fact is that Google gives huge weight age to pinterest boards but search engines are not aware yet. Google prefers users’ interest and people showing their interest to pinterest. So keep this interest in mind there are some simple strategies to optimize your pins.

1. Craft exceptional Boards

If you want to make a pin board, so do some effort and create some unique and specific key-rich name. Give your pin board some unique name according to the images which is pinned on your board such as blue dresses design images or racing cars of 1980s images etc and use relevant keywords to show on search results.

2. Alter Your Descriptions

Another important effort which should be made from your side is that alter the description of every image on your pin board. This alteration gives you a chance to get links for your Pins. Links gives your pins certain benefits such as you can link with blogs, social media feeds, and company sites. When description on images is well-written then your pin board gets good ranks on Google images.

3. Optimize Image Names

Have you give your images filename a proper or relevant name? Or your images files have names with mix letters or words such as 89hh_uyter.jpg? You need to change your images filename. Give them a proper name so make the search easier.

4. Play the Pinning Game

Social media plays an important role for the campaign of those brands and companies who avoid advertising directly, and like to make their brand name and target their audience with via such medium. So pinterest work as Facebook in this respect.

You can share, like, repin or comment to other people board, allow people to post or comment on your board as well.

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