New Ad format by Bing Ads along with windows 8.1 smart search

An announcement has been made by Microsoft that integration of Bing Ads with Windows 8.1 smart search has been made which will give more access and new format to Bing advertisers.

Windows 8.1 smart search permit its users to search web, devices, apps and cloud with single query. So the in return results are in single view. You can see below the search box attached into right side of windows 8.1.

bing ad1
With integration between smart search and Bing Ads, ads are automatically shown in Bing, window search and Yahoo for appropriate search queries. One of the main complain about Yahoo/Bing has been made by advertisers to Microsoft is the lack of click as well as search volume. Microsoft estimated that about 10 million licenses have been sold.

The ad results will add the previews of advertisers’ websites as well as extensions and site links. Here is a snapshot of ad results in smart search.
bing ad2
The advertisers of Bing Ads do nothing in their campaigns to become capable or their websites shows in ad formats. Lots of related persons asked about the further information related to kinds of reporting imminent advertisers will have performance and traffic on windows 8.1 smart search.

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