It’s always strange to find that we are trying hard to get ranked on Search Engines by neglecting what Search Engines are looking in Websites to make them appear on first page against particular keyword. It’s harsh but truth that we get failed after lot of SEO work, simply because our pages and websites are lacking the things which should be there. A well optimized website or a page can get more rankings than un-optimized one in short span of time as our experience suggest.

How On Page Optimization will help you?

It will help you in no. of ways;

  • Make your website and pages Search Engines friendly
  • Easy to get rankings with minimal efforts
  • Save you a lot by reducing the time to get ranked in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc

What will be included in On Page SEO Analysis?

That must be moving in your mind, let’s have a glimpse of it;

  • Semantic Structure: How header elements are used in website design
  • Page Content: Length of your content on home page and other pages are Search Engines Friendly or not.
  • Use of Obsolete & Depreciated HTML  or not
  • Inline Styles used in Website
  • Download Size/time of Website
  • Head Content in your site
  • Nature of Outgoing Links
  • Freshness of site
  • URL Structure is well trimmed or not
  • Title tags are properly used or not
  • Design of Website is updated or out-dated
  • Website Address is defined or it is suffering from www version & non www version
  • Uniqueness of Content
  • Google Analytics Setup installed or not
  • Quality of Content
  • Recommendations to improve On Page Score  

What will we do & how much it will cost you?

We have spent reasonable time to trim best packages at best price for you depending upon different analysis,correction,requirements and budgets. Select one that suits you:

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