Thousand of webmasters with few questions:

“Why my rankings have been dropped in Google since last month?”

“What’s wrong with my website?”

“Why have I received notice of unnatural links from Google?”

“What to do know?”

“How to check my back-links and how to indentify & remove unnatural links”

“I don’t receive any such message from Google, still me website’s ranking has dropped a lot. Why?”

“I have listened about Penguin update, who the hell is that, is my website affected by it?”

“How to get out of this mess”

Let’s figure out these questions. On 24th of April, Google jolted the web by its new update, Penguin Update. Thousands of websites has been affected by this update. Thousands of web-masters who have already submitted their sites to Google Webmaster Tools, have received notice of unnatural links and thousands of other are unaware from the reasons of their sufferings because they didn’t even know about Google Web-masters tool.

Our experience has revealed that this is worst Google update in terms of penalized websites. Now, comes to Penguin Update:

Who the hell is Penguin Update?

Penguin Update is combination of Algorithm changes & manual actions of web-spam team of Google lead by very popular name, Matt Cutts.

What are reasons to get hit by Penguin Update?

Two big reasons:

  • Unnatural Links
  • Over-optimization

Unnatural Links: What do you mean by this?

This must be your question. Yet Google has not mentioned very clearly about unnatural links but by analyzing Google and websites that are penalized, Unnatural links may be:

  • Paid Networks links (Build my rank is one of example)
  • Spun Articles Submissions (Google is too smart to catch spun articles with you back-links, it’s far easy for Google)
  • Software oriented profile links
  • Back-links from footers, headers and sidebars (they are less spammy links but we have witnessed many websites that are hit because of such links)
  • Spammy Links (from pages where thousands of spammy links just here and there)
  • Back-links that are totally irrelevant (Boot camp keyword in alcohol website)
  • Non-diversified back-links (Back-links from only one or two methods)

Ok, I understand what are unnatural links but what is Over-optimization?

We have witnessed many websites that are overly optimized, has also hit by this update without any notice of unnatural links.  What is over-optimization?

  • Too much link-building on few anchor texts: Without variation of anchor texts like click here to read more, back-link with your name and many others.
  • Overly optimized title tags: Just look below;

“Website Design Services | Website Design Solutions | Website Design Firm”


“Be best in appearance by Website Design Services & Solutions by ABC”

Which one is more appropriate and which one is more spammy/overly-optimized, decide yourself.

  • Too many spammy pages for one thing: Why to have different content for

            – Page 1 for SEO Services

            – Page 2 for SEO Company

            – Page 3 for SEO Solutions

            – Page 4 for SEO Firm

        Very spammy . Why we don’t have one good page for all that keywords.

  • Keywords Stuffing in pages: Keep on repeating keywords again and again throughout your page. It really sucks from Google point of view and reader point of view as well.
  • Footer links of your services: if you have placed your services in header menu or sidebar, then why to place in footer as well. Hardly anyone clicks there. It was good in 2002 but not in 2012. Just make a clean look of your website.

I understand Penguin Update, now how to get out of it?

We are already working on so many such websites and able to design a successful process of coming out of it

  1. Website Audit to analyze in terms of over-optimization of On Page
  2. Find out total back-links of your website
  3. Separate unnatural back-links from your back-links
  4. Remove the unnatural back-links
  5. Generate some diversified back-links
  6. Make sure variation in anchor text
  7. Establish mixture of do-follow & no-follow back-links (Only do-follow back-links is also reason of over-optimization)
  8. Then, submit website to Google for reconsideration
  9. Google will analyze website again and remove the penalty
  10. Then, with quality and white hat link-building according to new guidelines of Google, we can get the rankings again speedily.

We have already serving so many such clients; we are very willing to help you out. Feel free to contact through below form or through Skype as Seowebconsultant

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