Real estate SEO means to achieve right place at right time on search engine results. There are strategies, techniques and tips that can promote your website position on search engine results. When you optimize your keyword related to your business then you have to face massive players to come up on the top of the search results. Once you have determined to optimize your real estate website then first of all you need to focus on keywords which are in demand.

The result of a good SEO is that it is getting good number of hits and it will bring more buyers to your site. There are many ways to make the campaign of real estate SEO successful. There are a many website visitors whom you can convert into your customers. You have to analyze and track the ranks in major search engines to devise a proper SEO plan. A good SEO will bring more customers, clients, sales and purchase to your business.

Keyword selection is the first step in devising an SEO campaign and the keyword plays a critical role in search engine optimization. It would be good to select nearly half dozen keywords because it will increase the visibility of your website. The keywords can be changed if they are not generating sales or you are getting number one position in the search engine results. We can select too many keywords but we have to focus only on those keywords that look effective and related to our business.


Why Do You Need Real Estate SEO?

Every business is coming online, people search property on search engines so it is necessary to optimize your websites to compete with your competitors in the market.

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What is the Cost of Real Estate SEO?

There are different packages for Our SEO Services according to the low, medium and high keyword competition. This cost can vary depending on the selection of SEO Package.

We have different types of program our Real Estate SEO launch package:

Best Value Package: 300 US$ per month, recommended for low competition keywords

Most Popular Package: 400 US$ per month, recommended for Moderate competition keywords

Competition Killer Package: 600 US$ per month, recommended for High competition keywords

The cost can vary extremely from one agency to the next. Some clients have very little competition, and we can easily get your website to rank number one within a few months.

We will not charge you anything more, if you do not reach the goals we set.

How Much Time to Get Rankings?

Being professional and honest, we don’t make fake promises of rankings in some weeks.

We conduct competition analysis of keywords, then decide time frame to get rankings. You keywords can fall in 3 categories:

Low Competition Keywords: 5 Keywords within 1st Page of Google in 3 Months

Moderate Competition Keywords: 5 Keywords within 1st Page of Google in 4 Months

Highly Competitive Keywords: 5 Keywords within 1st Page of Google in 5 Months

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Why It Takes Too Long to Get Rankings?

  • We will compete in one of the toughest niche i.e Real Estate
  • Your competitors websites has done years of link-building to be on 1st page
  • We will not make blast of spam links here and there as we don’t want your website to be de-indexed/penalized by Google.
  • We will build Google Friendly Back-links slowly and smoothly over period of time

What is Required to Promote My Website?

We apply different techniques and strategies to bring it at good position in search engine results. We can implement on page optimization or off page optimization.

Do You Get Permanent Links?

There is not guarantee that the links we place on different websites are permanent. They can be removed according to the will of the website owner. But if you have made an agreement then the website owner is bound to put your link for that particular time period.

What are SEO Techniques, We Will Use?

Here are some SEO techniques that can be implemented to bring results.

  1. You should make SEO plan and what are the requirements to reach your objective. Make sure that the objectives should be achievable.
  2. You should analyze and research your competitors’ websites and devise a strategy to promote your website.
  3. Select keywords and devise an SEO plan to promote your website.
  4. One of the best techniques is the on page optimization and you should keep in mind during the development process of the website.
  5. You should submit articles and links to various directories and websites
  6. You should monitor the whole process continuously along with the improvement in the business.
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