As online world is getting bigger and bigger, things are getting tighter and tighter in terms of competition.

Search Engines typically drive between 60%-80% of all web traffic

Search Engines are delivering more and more visitors as compare to previous years.

“Getting a position in first page of Search Engines for competitive keyword means thousands of visitors per day, visitors mean sales and sales means profit!”

As online scope is growing, Search Engines are tightening their policies a lot. So, If you are looking to dominate Search Engines, you need updated & quality SEO Services which works in accordance of new guidelines of Search Engines. Outdated SEO methods & techniques can put you at stake of Search Engines Penalties which could be very severe!

We are deeply analyzing Search Engines from years and consistently revising our strategies according to new updates of Search Engines so that we can deliver the best services to our clients. Our team of experts keep on searching innovative & effective tactics within the guidelines so that you can outrun your competitors on Search Engines. For entrepreneurs and businessmen, who want to take their businesses to next level! We will make them visible on leading Search Engines so that Your Website Becomes Your Best Employee of the Year!

Overview of Our Dedicated SEO Services

Let us to explain it in step-wise manner:

1.On Page SEO Analysis & Changes:

We will thoroughly analyze your website and indentify the areas that should be addressed (Title tags, Meta Tags, Semantic structure, URL Structure, Title of Pages, Freshness of content, Page Size, Broken Link Analysis, Internal Linking, Google Analytics , Webmaster Tools settings and others). After indentifying, we will make On Page changes so that chances of higher rankings become more and more.

2.Off Page SEO Analysis & Recommendations:

We will analyze the Off Page Strength of your website so that we can design appropriate strategy of Link Building. (Off Page Analysis will include No of indexed pages, No. of indexed back-links, no. of Edu/Gov Links, Domain Age, Domain Authority, Alexa Traffic Ranking, Moz Rank and many other things).

3.Keyword Research & Current Ranking Analysis:

Our expert team of researchers will find a pool of potential keywords for your website by crawling your competitor websites who are leading in your field. Then, we will find your rankings in leading Search Engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) against researched keywords so that we can select the best keywords to work on.

4.Keywords Competition Analysis:

its always important to understand competition before working so that we can estimate the strength of competitors websites and design the best strategy of link-building. (We will analyze the Back-links, Domain Age, Page Rank and others information of first page competitor websites of Google against particular keyword)

5.Content Optimization for Keywords:

We will optimize the content for selected keywords. We can suggest to add content if not available with proper elaboration of writing content.

6.Link Building Strategy:

We are closely reading Search Engines from long time, we are consistently reshaping our strategies to get best results with no fear of punishment or de-indexing. After latest Google Updates, Back-links should be:

  • Only Manual (no Softwares)
  • Relevant (must be relevant in some way)
  • Only White Hat (No Black Hat or Grey Hat)
  • Diversified (No more one source, must be combination of Forum Links, Blog Links, Directories Links, Articles Links, Social Media Links, Social Book-marks, Edu/Gov links, Web 2.0 Properties, Link Wheel, Guest Blogging links and others)
  • Only natural (No paid links as thousands of websites have been recently suffered due to paid links networks like Build My Rank)
  • Appropriate Pace (No blast of back-links as Google recently prohibits from over-optimization)

7.White Hat Link Building:

Then we will follow the designed strategy of back-linking with flexibility of changes so that we can get results as early as possible.

8.Monthly Work, Performance & Traffic Reports

We will deliver

  1. Monthly Work Report
  2. Monthly Performance Report (Rankings at start of month & rankings at end of month)
  3. Monthky Traffic Report


Special Offer

For our new clients, we offer

  1. Free SEO Audit Report
  2. Free ON Page SEO
  3. Free Consultancy
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Money Back Guarantee

We have experience of years under belt and results that are evident of our professionalism and competencies. Once you worked with us, we guarantee your high rankings in top ten pages of leading Search Engines



Depending upon

  • Your budget
  • Urgency of getting results
  • Competition of Keywords
  • Competition of Industry
  • Searches Volume

we offer you 3 SEO Packages

1. Best Value Package: 80 Hours Per Month for 225 US$ Only (For Low Competition)

2. Most Popular Package: 120 Hours Per Month for 325 US$ Only (For Medium Competition)

3. Competition Killer Package: 160 Hours Per Month for 425 US$ Only (For High Competition)

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