SEO: Should You Bother with Bing?

It’s becoming increasingly more important to branch out from Google and start to take advantage of the online advertising benefits offered by other search engines. Unfortunately for many sites- such as  Search engines such as this official website for Icon Property- Google SERPs offer a great deal of publicity but Bing and Yahoo use other factors for which the site in question has not yet been optimized. Bing and Yahoo have been gradually eating into Google’s control of the market, and it is likely that Bing will enjoy an even higher percentage of search traffic in 2014 than it enjoyed in previous years.

In the United States, the Bing search engine was responsible for almost 20 percent of all search engine queries in the month of April this past year. That’s quite a significant portion of search, and one should consider that statistic in combination with the fact that optimizing for Bing is less competitive and easier for many SEOs.

The advantages of Bing

Not only has Bing been handling a great deal of search in the last year, but it is also responsible for many search features carried out by nontraditional search engines like Facebook. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook handles some 1 billion search queries each and every day, and the social media giant relies on Bing for assistance with many of these queries.

It’s clear that optimizing for Bing can be profitable for many websites, and Bing seems to use many of the same parameters that Google uses in its own algorithm. For example, both Bing and Google look for high quality content, inbound website links, and websites with quick loading times.

Bing’s differences

However, Bing is known to place more emphasis on social media factors in producing its SERPs. Bing has pointed out the value social media presence has for webmasters hoping to come up in its searches and encourages social sharing for those who are hoping to rank higher. While link building is important for both search engines, but Bing offers its own Webmaster Guidelines that outline the particulars of its policies on what are helpful links. Those attempting to optimize for Bing should avoid reciprocal linking and posting links on spammy sites.

The best resource for information for those looking to optimize for Bing can be found using Bing Webmaster Tools. This resource can help webmasters in many different website development tasks, including creating site maps, disavow links, targeting a specific geographical region, and more.

Expected changes in the coming year

It’s difficult to predict what will happen in the near future in the rapidly changing world of search. Most likely, SEOs using diverse tactics and keeping their sites in good standing with several different search engines will have the most success in the coming months.

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