Social Media To Focus On In 2014

As we enter into the New Year, our focus on social media and the many benefits it has for business will continue and evolve. Companies who are looking to grow their business in 20140 will need to continue their focus on social media and the effects that it has in regards to maintenance and improvements of customer relationships and relevance and impact it has on SEO and SERP rankings.

social media 2014

social media 2014

As many social media sites offer free pages and accounts for businesses, SM is a cost-effective way to continue marketing your company in the New Year and therefore businesses and marketers need to focus on the now traditional social media sites and the evolving sites that are predicted to be more popular in the New Year. For businesses in 2014, here are the best social media sites to be on to help improve visibility.

Visual Social Media

2013 saw the rise in popularity of visual social media sites with Pinterest, Instagram and Vine becoming even more sociable. The reach of video social media such as Vine is vast, as it has the ability to become integrated with other sites, meaning that the creation of content by a company on Vine can then be shared on Facebook and Twitter allowing for better reach, visibility and popularity on all platforms.

In 2014, businesses should be prepared to focus on visual social media content and how to optimize it to increase awareness, SERPs, and web presence, all of which will help with the real increase of trade.


The reign of Facebook will no doubt continue throughout 2014, with businesses being able to easily increase awareness using this popular social media site. Those using the site will have to spend time researching the most dynamic ways to use it, and like with other networks, will need to begin to look at how to attract genuine customers rather than merely an increased number of page likes so as to have popularity on this platform mean increase in trade and sales as well as brand visibility.


Another social media ruler, Twitter is a beneficial platform for all industries as it allows businesses to target a wide audience of other businesses and consumers. With an improvement in the way that promoted tweets were viewed in 2013, businesses can now target audiences that aren’t following their Twitter account by appearing in their timeline allowing them a wider reach. As Twitter is now becoming a key way to find new stories and social trends, businesses should look into innovative ways to harness these to their advantage in 2014.


Users of Google’s own social media site Google+ have already seen the benefits of how it effects their SERPs rankings and therefore increase in site traffic, and this is a trend that is most likely to continue in 2014. Businesses who don’t currently have Google+ accounts for their employees and are not registered on Google Places should set about doing so immediately to help improve the visibility of their business in terms of search engines results pages and make use of the review and ratings feature that Google offers.

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By Beth Stubbings

Beth Stubbings thinks that businesses need to become more dynamic in the social media that they use to promote themselves in 2014. She would recommend Marketing By Web to companies who would like their social media managed by a professional experience company.

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