Success of Games Linked To Effective Website Design

Video games are rapidly becoming the most valuable form of entertainment. To highlight this, Grand Theft Auto 5 released in September this year and only took three days to gross $1billion. The fastest non-game to gross $1 billion? Avatar back in 2009 took over two weeks.

According to the Cambridge-based web design house Double spark, website design elements can make or break a gaming company’s website design and in some cases their overall success. Here are a few examples of gaming company’s websites with website design techniques. Simple but Direct

Mojang is responsible for Minecraft, an extremely popular game. The website is eye-catching yet simple with a plain background that sets off bold red text of headlines that shout about record-breaking sales. uses a simple navigation menu that tells readers more about other games and merchandise and a Twitter feed in the right-hand sidebar. The site looks familiar to a blog whose main goal is to pass on information. This is achieved teaching us about upcoming games being developed and that you don’t necessarily need to throw millions into your site to be successful. Grabs Email Addresses
Toca are famous for kid-friendly apps like Toca Hair Salon 2 and Toca Mini

“The money’s in the list,” is a popular web adage in which Toca adopts. This means that if you can grab the contact information of an interested customer just once, you might be able to sell to them over and over again.

This method of grabbing email addresses can help maintain a company’s success by selling repeatedly to the same customer(s). It’s a useful website design feature that can help by knowing your target audience. Simplicity Is King

Activision has been around since 1979, and is a major gaming leader overseeing the success of the Call of Duty series. They use most of their website space to show it off, which also includes big action images like this Call of Duty: Ghosts upgrade.

The site is kept mostly simple with a clean background and layout with big focused images. This helps in part grab the attention of the viewer and try to gage them to call to action on the site. Engaging and Vibrant

Rovio is responsible for the evergreen Angry Birds franchise as nearly 80% of the homepage is filled with colourful images that speak action, while the rest of the prime real estate space is saved for important navigational features and social media links.

These websites use simple website design tools, tricks and marketing tactics in order to be successful. Whether just for videogaming purposes or any other, the ways in which these companies present their websites can be used by any business in order to make their website far more effective.

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