Survey Shows Americans Confused By How Google

Americans are puzzled according to survey: How Facebook and Google make capital

A survey on behalf of Search Agency was conducted online in August 2012. The survey shows that there are large numbers of population in America who don’t recognize how Google and Fb generate capital. This survey was done with the sample of almost 2,000 adults.

Survey results:

  • Facebook: this survey asked a simple question and checked that whether people agreed or disagreed on it. The question was “I understand how Fb makes capital”. 54% of people said that they strongly agree on it. 46% said that they don’t agree. The 54% who agreed on it, 36% were unsure and said that they slightly know.
  • Search engine (Google):

    When it comes to search engine people gave better replies. 78% knew that search engine generate their capitals from ads which runs with search results. 36% of participants felt that these search engines usually sell user private data to marketers, 29% participant felt that companies give money on annual basis for use. It was not clear that what meant by that other than the idea of businesses fees or for rankings pay to play. And finally 20% felt that that are users who pay these search engines for the premium features.

Another question asked from participant that whether they clicked on those ads which appear on search engines. 22% said that yes they did, these respondents were less educated, and on the other hand those participants who were educated said that they didn’t click on it.

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