The death of Google Reader service

Google ReaderAlmost everybody knew that this will happen one day. July 1st 2013 is the date where the official death of Google Reader service has declared, means this service shut down officially. The reaction among people are quite different, some are in depressing mood while others are happily searching out alternatives. When you get login to your Google Analytics account the effect of this service has been gone.

It is good or bad is not the point here and nobody can mourn so long on it so it’s a batter act to search for alternatives.

Here are some alternatives and if you guys find some other good alternatives than let us know because we all are searching for new home.

  1. AOL Reader: it is only provided on desktops for now and in beta. It permits you to take out your subscription of Google reader and share stories on social media.
  2. Digg Reader: lots of people think that this product is not up to the mark and really rushed out.
  3. Feedly: this product has already got around 500,000 former user of Google reader
  4. Flipboard: this product is manufactured for mobile devices. It is very easy to use in a sense that it only requires flip via pages with easy finger swipe.
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