Website Heat Maps: Scrutinizing and depicting conclusions

Data is good to have for analyzing several things, but at times it not provide in its best way to analyze data. It is very true in terms when see how people make interaction with your site. But there is an advantage that you can take this data and show it on heat map which provide speedy and simple understanding about usage of website and how to improve these sites.

Heat Maps:

Heat maps give a view about the hot and cold places on your site where users click your website. If your website gets large number of clicks on page then it will turn in red color but if you get sign up which forms a button and gets few clicks then it will turn in blue color.

You can have several tools to watch your website’s heat maps; the most popular tool among others is CrazyEgg. There are other good and authentic tools as well.

Why should I use it?

After you installed your heat map and gathered all the data, question arise how this software helps you?

In first analysis spell, we want to have an overview of spots where users are clicking, particularly on those call to actions which you are having on your page, it’s all depend on the kind of page, information, E-commerce, lead generation, we usually want that our users fulfills our specific action but if there are low clicks then it will going to be an issue. Beside that we also like to view those areas where owner usually are not expecting to see large number of clicks. If there are some links or less expected call to action which got more clicks then it is time to see and analyze this happening. Along with that we also view the checkout process, landing pages, these heat maps are also used to re designed or analyze websites to test.

Grab more out of it:

The fact is that this data not used alone, while this heat map provide a path to see from which place users are clicking on site but they do not show why or other information related to this. It is only gives the overview of user instead of any explanation.

More information and data you collect clearer picture of current happening and make it more refine trough redesign.

There is also an opportunity to use other tools like KissMetrics, Qualaroo and Google Analytics to give more knowhow which unite with heat map.

It is very crucial to know that sample size is very essential to get real picture of that.

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