Why Asking StumbleUpon To Remove Your Links Is Dumb

Don’t target StumbleUpon to discard their links from your websites

StumbleUpon is a social media website; this site is getting lots of requests from people who are asking for this site to discard its links from their websites. The main reason which can be one of the important reasons to discard its link is that Google is attacking on bad links with the help of its Penguin update since last year. So people are getting panicked and requesting several social sharing sites to remove its links from their websites.

But it’s all about the removal of bad links not all links and StumbleUpon are not included in such sites which people have to worry about.

StumbleUpon well-established, well-known and respected social sharing site, its sole purpose is to give opportunity to people to share links with others via channel browsing approach.

This is quite a different approach then just gets links from blogs sites and article sites which have no other motive then provide links to people. Such kind of links which are not earned and exist without any effort or just links are main targets of Google.

Google like to hit people with the help of its Penguin Update just to discard bad links from websites, and don’t want that people only depend on its disavow link tool. If you ask StumbleUpon to discard your link is such wastage of time.

Google says that people should use disavow tool along with asking such sites to remove their links as well.

Targeting StumbleUpon is not a good idea and people should go for other options like disavow tools and put their efforts o other areas as well.

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